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Send Gift Baskets in the Philippines

create a gift basket

Now you can create your own personalized gift basket!

How it works

1. Simply add the above product to your cart (pays for basket and service). It is scattered in our grocery store or type"wicker" in the search box to locate the wicker basket..

2. Fill your cart up with products. You can broswe other categories and include products from the gift shop like for example teddy bears.

3. We will take all items added to your cart and impressively pack them into a beautiful gift basket and ship to your customer with your gift message!

Notes: We will use the size gift basket needed to fit items. i.e. If you choose 5 items, we will use a small basket. If you choose 15 items we will use a larger basket. Please use discretion when adding many large products. If products do not fit in basket, we will ship outside of basket.

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