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Fresh Flowers
You can now order fresh flowers and send them to your loved ones in the Philippines wherever you may be. We do not pass orders to other florists. We have an inhouse flower artist who creates fabulous arrangements. What you will find here are actual photos of bouquets made by our flower artist. Just browse thru our catalog and you will see the originality of these arrangements. These are flowers that are available most of the year. Rare flowers are made to order. Papajack's makulay operates in Manila but delivers flowers nationwide in the Philippines. Makulay is a quality Philippine Florists and Philippine Gift shop. (Manila Florist).
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Truffles & Pralines
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            Chocolate Gift boxes
Assorted High End Chocolates. Pralines and truffles made from the finest ingredients. These chocolates are awe inspiring to the palate. Quite addictive. Delivered nationwide in velvet cushion box.
Made from the finest ingredients. Only couverture chocolates are used.
These chocolates are always freshly made.


You can pay with any major credit card even if you DO NOT HAVE a paypal account as GUEST. learn more

Send Gifts, Hampers, Presents and Gift Baskets to your friends, family, clients or colleagues in the Philippines. We can deliver direct to a home or work address anywhere in the Islands serviceable by courier. For Metro Manila deliveries, we have a team of riders servicing the area. Our standard delivery cost is $7.50 no matter how many or how much is included in your shopping cart. Traditionally, teddy bears, groceries, fruit baskets and roses were the favorite. But we will  be adding more to make gift giving exciting all the time.
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Create Your Own
Gift basket

Visit our grocery section and purchase an empty basket together with fruits and groceries for that custom basket. We'll have it plastic shrink-wrapped with ribbon.
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Filipino Groceries & Fresh Produce
We have already delivered hundreds of grocery orders and still counting. You can now order tunsoy or turo, tilipia and bangus, online and have them delivered door to door as fresh as possible. When it comes to fresh produce, we always guarantee complete satisfaction. Items can be returned and replaced at NO questions asked with our men picking up the returned item and returning with the replacement at no cost to you.
Delivery in Metro Manila is $7.50
Delivery in provincial towns adjacent to Manila, still $7.50.
Delivery in provinces far from Manila is weight dependent
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Great Meals
Meals available in gallon trays. From the simple adobo and sinigang na baboy to the more challenging relleno. Everything from Filipino, Spanish, to Chinese and Italian cuisine.

Papa Jack's makulay have been delivering lunch everyday to various banks, schools, offices, factories, and drugstores in its vicinity. This whats makes us very busy in the morning.

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Party Food
Lechon, embotido, caldereta, sisig, barbecue, and a lot more. Filipinos love food and love to party. Much of our revenue comes from this section.Let our expert cooks give a hand with
freshly-made, restaurant-quality entrees
and sides, wholesome meals for all occasions and irresistible party platters.
Philippine gift shop.
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   A Filipino grocery store, gift shop and Manila florist servicing the whole of the Philippines.
Send gifts to the Philippines now.
Other Websites that sends gifts to the Philippines and Worldwide
  You may visit any of the following sites that send gifts to the Philippines. The only drawback is the cost of shipping, perishables may not arrive fresh, the distance may delay arrival and gifts may be subcontracted to a local gift shop to shortcut delivery, which may result to substitutions that are entirely different from what is represented. But hey, even local gift shops are sometimes guilty of one or two of the above except of course your host So Send gifts to the Philippines now.
  You may also like to visit the following for that unique gift to send to the Philippines  
  Blue Magic located in SM malls. A hit among teens and yuppies. Gifts that are very traditional but appropriate.   National BookStore located in malls. Have a wide selection of art materials and cute handcrafted gifts, not to mention books and more books.   Regalong Pangbahay carries handcrafted gifts locally made and imported. One of a kind inventory. Located in SM malls  

  So when is the best time and how to send gifts to the Philippines?

Avoid, the rush, peak seasons like Valentines and Mothers day will mean higher prices especially the flowers. Order your gifts and flowers at least three days in advance when prices are not yet jacked up.

When choosing the right online Manila florist and gift shop, be clever. Know the difference between those that subcontract their flowers and other items to those that originally make them. From pictures alone, you can discern which is which. Those that display generic flowers that have no fillers at all more often than not, subcontract. They deliberately omit fillers or use pictures that do not have fillers to avoid any errors in the final flowers because they do not have full control of the production. And these pictures were just compiled from the internet and never theirs in the first place. Its a free game out there, even our pictures get pirated and posted in other sites.

Avoid websites that have a scroll down menu list for which country you are ordering, they are obviously not located in the Philippines. When you order gifts and flowers from these, they in turn scout our site for a similar product, flowers or gifts and order from us. What would be delivered would obviously be different from what you paid for. Better order directly from a site that is based in the Philippines like your host MAKULAY.COM.

Peak season are volume days. High profile florists and gift shops like Makulay are overwhelmed by orders. Always have your delivery date set one day before the big day so that your flowers and gifts will get delivered ahead or on the big day itself. A day ahead delivery is better than a day after.
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