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Groceries Exceeding sales of Flowers started out a florist, but today figures show that for months now, orders for groceries have overtaken orders for flowers 3 to 1. Filipino nationals make up most of the customers for grocery door to door delivery while customers ordering flowers is dominated by foreign nationalities. The two departments were the best earning departments of Makulay. Third best selling department is food, followed the gift shop. The least performer is the "special order" department. your Philippine Gift  shop
Sympathy Spray
Of all things, sympathy flowers are one of the best sellers in makulay, aside from roses. We get orders for sympathy flowers everytime. And mind you, customers are more demanding on this category of flowers than the usual roses. Most customers want their flowers to surpass others on the wake. It's  like a subtle beauty contest of some sort.
Makulay has good selection of flowers under the sympathy memorial category. Shown on the right is a white casket spray made of roses, anthurium and orchids. your Manila Flower Shop
What you see is what you get. does not subcontract flowers to other florist.
Send Gifts, Hampers, Presents and Gift Baskets to your friends, family, clients or colleagues in the Philippines. We can deliver direct to a home or work address anywhere in the Islands serviceable by courier.
Flowers for Nationwide Delivery
Flowers that are available for nationwide delivery are grouped into a subcategory under the flower shop. These flowers will be delivered in styropor boxes to protect from heat and the elements and ensure fresh flowers arrive at the destination. Each stem is fitted with floral tubes containing plant food. These flowers arrive within 2 to 3 days to the provinces. See them here.
For Metro Manila deliveries, we have a team of riders servicing the area. Our standard delivery cost is $7.50 no matter how many or how much is included in your shopping cart. Traditionally, teddy bears, groceries, fruit baskets and roses were the favorite. But we will be adding more to make gift giving exciting all the time.
See Summer Fun Items
Also checkout Ice Creams
You can pay with any major credit card even if you DO NOT HAVE a paypal account as GUEST. learn more  

Filipino Groceries & Fresh Produce
We have already delivered hundreds of grocery orders and still counting. You can now order tunsoy or turo, tilipia and bangus, online and have them delivered door to door as fresh as possible. When it comes to fresh produce, we always guarantee complete satisfaction. Items can be returned and replaced at NO questions asked with our men picking up the returned item and returning with the replacement at no cost to you. Manila Florists and Gift Shop
Create Your Own Gift basket
Visit our grocery section and purchase an empty basket together with fruits and groceries for that custom basket. We'll have it plastic shrink-wrapped with ribbon. Be very creative in making your baskets.  You can add perfume to the fruits or a soft toy. Or you can make a basket for baby by including only baby need. Or for him, for mom for tito, and so on. Make recipe gift baskets by including only the ingredients of one recipe. The possibilities are endless. learn more, see FAQ
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send gifts to Manila Philippines
Great Meals
Meals available in gallon trays. From the simple adobo and sinigang na baboy to the more challenging relleno. Everything from Filipino, Spanish, to Chinese and Italian cuisine.

Papa Jack's makulay have been delivering lunch everyday to various banks, schools, offices, factories, and drugstores in its vicinity. This whats makes us very busy in the morning. Send Gifts to Philippines

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The Dragon’s Skull: The Macabre Appearance of Snapdragon Seed Pods

The Antirrhinum, commonly known as the snapdragon has been a popular garden plant for many years.  Also known as the dragon flower, its common name derives from the resemblance of the flower to a dragon’s head.
When laterally squeezed the dragon will open and close it mouth: ask any grandparent whose flowers have been decimated by over keen but clumsy grandchildren.  Yet once the flower has died, leaving behind the seed pod, something a little more macabre appears.  The dragon – just a visual metaphor after all – appears to have a skull.

Little wonder, then, that ancient cultures held the snapdragon to possess supernatural powers.  They were thought to offer protection from deceit, curses and witchcraft if they were planted in your garden.  Another myth maintains that they are able to restore youthfulness and beauty to any woman who ate them. It’s a wonder that the witches didn’t raid the gardens in which they grew to repair their own ravaged features.
Concealing a snapdragon about the body was supposed to make a person appear gracious and fascinating.  Perhaps it is for this reason that in the Victorian language of flowers, the snapdragon was designated to symbolize deception and presumption.  It could also, however, be sent by a lady to show gratitude to another - perhaps as a thank you for that marvelous anti-aging potion.  Let's face it - those 
Charmed Ones can't be getting any younger.

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 A Filipino grocery store, gift shop and Manila florist servicing the whole of the Philippines.
Send gifts to the Philippines now.
Other Websites that sends gifts to the Philippines and Worldwide
You may visit any of the following sites that send gifts to the Philippines. The only drawback is the cost of shipping, perishables may not arrive fresh, the distance may delay arrival and gifts may be subcontracted to a local gift shop to shortcut delivery, which may result to substitutions that are entirely different from what is represented. But hey, even local gift shops and florists are sometimes guilty of one or two of the above except of course your host So Send gifts to the Philippines now.
You may also like to visit the following for that unique gift to send to the Philippines
Blue Magic located in SM malls. A hit among teens and yuppies. Gifts that are very traditional but appropriate.   National BookStore located in malls. Have a wide selection of art materials and cute handcrafted gifts, not to mention books and more books.     Regalong Pangbahay carries handcrafted gifts locally made and imported. One of a kind inventory. Located in SM malls

      Chocolates from Makulay, a gift made in heaven

Makulay now sells fine chocolates and pralines . Made from the finest ingredients, this melt to the mouth chocolates are sure to melt your way in to anyone’s heart. Only couverture chocolates were used.
Flavors in combinations or singly includes spices such as cinnamon, cardamom, cayenne, mint, tea and coffee.  Cream cheese and heavy cream are used as cores or centers for truffles  wherein oil based natural extract flavors are infused.
Milk, caramel, jams, peanut butter, nutella  are some of the fillings of the truffles. The pralines have nuts in them including macadamia, pili, cashew, walnut, and pecan.
This gift shop sells these chocolates per piece so you have the complete control of what goes in the box. The secret  ingredients are not divulge  here. It is the secret ingredients that make the chocolate sophisticated.
You must try these one of this days, the experience is simply divine. A Manila Flower Shop and gift Shop

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